Infinity Service Model

Infinity creatively mixes the substantial domain experience and knowledge repositories it has in Drug Safety, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Medical Information, with contemporary technologies and tested methodologies to produce a scalable solution and tremendous engagement experience for its clients.

Infinity Service Models

Infinity brings in a ‘best-fit’ model from its repository and then tweaks the model to produce a ‘tailor-made’ solution for a specific case. Infinity’s solutions are always objective-driven. The methods we deploy ensure that success is measured at every defined stage, and thus accelerate the ROI. We offer customers a selection of service models that can be constructed as per business requirements.

ASM ( Application Support & Management Services )

We offer a ‘tailor-to-fit’ ASM model on annual contract. Our ASM contracts are based on support scope and SLA expectations and cost sensitivity. Our ASMs are generally predictable price models with scopes for linearly scaling up or down the engagement size and type. We can deploy a support mechanism and infrastructure entirely onsite or offshore or on a ‘Mix-Geo’ model combining the two.

Upfront Time Zone Support Model

Our Upfront Time Zone support model helps customers obtain application support during their working business hours. The services are provided from our offshore center in India or from our ‘Center of Excellence’ in Canada at competitive T&M rates.

Project Assignment

Project Assignment is a project-based contract that allocates any number of resources to a customer on a short-term basis. This service is delivered onsite or offsite with T&M or fixed pricing models depending on customer needs.